RC1910 Remote Control Replacement for Toshiba Luxor Sharp Sanyo LED TV D32151HD

  • Details:
    Replacement Model:RC1910.
    Brand: Generic.
    Condition: Brand new.
    No programming or setup required, easy and simple to operate.
    Perfect replacement for lost or broken remote control.
    30 days money back guarantee & 12 months warranty from manufacturing defects. Accept return and exchange in warranty period.
    This Remote Control fit for Below Knowing Models:
    D32151HD 30063114 M16LID709 LC32EL LCD22DV LCD32LX LUX-19-822-COB LUX-19-914-COB LUX-22-914-COB LC260WXNSBA1PL PS22D111 PS22D111S PS22L111S PS19D111 PS19L111 PS24D121 PS26L111 PS32HD111 PS32HD121 L22D980 SBV1943H2 SBV1943H-2 LC-40LE240E LC-40LE510E LC-19LE510E LC-19LE510K LC-24LE510E LC-24LE510K LC-22DV510K LC-22LE240 LC-22LE240E LC--22LE240E LC-22LE240EXA LC-22LE240K LC-22LE510E LC-22LE510EB LC-22LE510EK LC-22LE510K LC-22LS240E LC-24DV510E LC-24DV510K LC-24LE240E LC-24LS240EX LC-32D12E LC-32D12E(A) LC-32D12EA LC-32LD135 LC-32LD135E LC-32LD135K LC-32LD135V LC-32LE240E LC-32LE510E LC-32LE511E LC-32LE530E LC-32SH130 LC-32SH130E LC-32SH130K LC-40LE531E LC-40SH340E LC-40SH340K LC-22DS240K LC-22DV240K LC-32SH340E LC-40LE511E 24D1334B 24D1334B2 24W1337DB 32D1333B 22D1334B 22DL502B 22DL504B 22DL702B 22DL704B 22L1333B 22L1337DB 24D1333B 24D1333B2 24D1333DB 32D1334B 32DV502B 32DV504B 32W1333B 32W1333DB 32W1334B 32W1334DB 40L1333DB 40L1337DB 32W1337DB 40L1333B 19DL502B 22D1333B 24D1334DB 24W1333B LCD-19VT11DVD TL1903B12 TL1904B12 TLD2204B13 TL2604B12 TL3204BMS12 19VE012DVD 26VC012DVD 22VE012DVD WP2212LCD WP3761R WL2216DVX2 WTFHD4211B WL2412FHDB WTH2610DVX WTHD3212B3 WTHD3213B WTHD3214B WTHD3212B2 JTC011600101B JTC011900102B JTC011900201B JTC011600101P JTC011600101R JTC011600101T JTC011600102B JTC011600102P JTC011600102R JTC012600101B JTC012600102B JTC011600102T JTC011900101B JTC0119002B1 JTC012200101B JTC012200102B LED22FHDDVDPH LED22916DVDFHDS LED22916TV 19LED906T 19LCDUSB705 19LCDUSB-705.
    Note: If your model number is not listed above or your original remote is different from this remote, please email us to confirm suitability.