RC311 FMI4 Remote Control Replacement for TCL TV 3D1800 55D1800 55S6600

  • Details:
    Replacement Model:RC311 FMI4.
    Brand: Generic.
    Condition: Brand new.
    No programming or setup required, easy and simple to operate.
    Perfect replacement for lost or broken remote control.
    30 days money back guarantee & 12 months warranty from manufacturing defects. Accept return and exchange in warranty period.
    This Remote Control fit for Below Knowing Models:
    FT-LED49FS 49D1850 GS49K33 HY49D1600 49S2000D 49DX10 49D1870 49D2100 49LP800S 49D2200 49UG800 RQC170190 IGS-49US2SLED UH49S66SM PV-LED49S6600 50UHD800 DO-1608831 DO-1613140 TGS-50UT2SLED OR-50D24UHD L55D1600 55D1600 55MOTC717SMART UG55SMART4K-D16 55LP660S HY55D1600 OR-55UD68 GS55U4K66 55D1620 55LP680D 55D1700 SMART-LED55D18 SW-FS55D18 MFS-55S2SLED TETS-5518SM STV55D1800 55D1801 L55SD88 L55MSD80 NAS55D1820 55D1810 GS55K33 55D1850 FT-LED55FS 55S2000D BL55D18 55D1860 55DX10 55D1870 DGS-55UT2SLED 55D2100 55LP800S 55D2200 55UHD800 DO-1613138 UG55SMART4K GS55U4K26 LN140UST TGS-55UT2SLED OR-55D24UHD UH55D24SM 55UG800 DO-1616106 UG55SMART4K-S66 DO-1616267 S55S6600 IGS-55UT2SLED HY55S6600 PV-LED55S6600 ELE55S6700D 55S6700 L60UD60 60D1600 L60MUD60 UG60SMART4K-D16 SW-UDS60D15 60LP660S OR-60UD68 GS60U4K66 FT-LED60UDS RQC170113 UG65SMART4K-D18 65D1800 L65MUD80 L65UD88 ITV-SL-65D1800ST2 65TUS7210 65UD700SO 65D1801 FT-LED65UDS 65D1820 GS65U4K18 65D1850 BA-LED65UDS 65D1860 65UHD800 DO-1613139 L65UD24 GS65U4K26 LN165UST TGS-65UT2SLED UD65D2400 OR-55SD21 MLED65UHD6000 UH65D24SM 65UJ651 65UG800 RQC170191 UG65SMART4K-S66 DO-1616169 DO-1616190 DO-1616096 DO-1616277 DO-1616218 IGS-65UT2SLED IGS-65US2SLED PV-LED65S6600 65T820U 65S6700 ELE65S6700D 78C9800 43D1810S 43D1810 RQA170153 55U6600S L32D1600S 32E1800 32D1680 32H1980A SLE32D1700STC RQA170100 CG-32D1802S 32D1800A 32D1870 AP40SHDF1000 40D1570 40D1680A 40D1620 UPBLLT40S SLE43D1800STC LP1843S LP1849S 49D1800A 49D1810UD 49XT515 49D1820 49XTU625 49XTU615 VSN49LEDT01 VSN49LEDT01S CG-49D6602U LP1855S 55H3600A 55D1800A 55D1810A4K 55E3630 55XT515 55D1820 55XTU625 55XTU615 VSN55LEDT03 55XTU815 CG-55D6602U 65D1800A CG-65D1802U LED65D2400 65XTU815 LED65S6600 LP6665S AN-65DU800SM RF43UHD2400 RF49UHD2400 49XTU815 LED55FS FT-LED55FS.
    Note: If your model number is not listed above or your original remote is different from this remote, please email us to confirm suitability.