RC5118 RC5118F Remote Replacement for Finlux Telefunken Hitachi Bush 3D TV with Netflix

  • Details:
    Replacement Model:RC5118
    Brand: Generic
    Condition: Brand new
    No programming or setup required, easy and simple to operate.
    Perfect replacement for lost or broken remote control.
    30 days money back guarantee & 12 months warranty from manufacturing defects. Accept return and exchange in warranty period.
    Compatible models(not only these models):
    Finlux:32HPD274BT 32HPD274B-T 40FPD274BT 40FPD274B-T 43UT3E310BT 43UT3E310B-T 49UT3E310BT 49UT3E310B-T 50FPD274BT 50FPD274B-T 55UT3E310BT 55UT3E310B-T 55UT3EC320ST 55UT3EC320S-T 55UX3EC320ST 55UX3EC320S-T 65FME249ST 65FME249S-T 65UT3E249BT 65UT3E249B-T 32-FFA-5615 32-FFA-5650 32-FHA-5511 40-FFA-5511 40FLSMR277BC 43-FFA-5615 43FUA-8050 43FUA-8060 43UXE310B-P 48-FFA-5500 48UXE304B-P 50FLHMR249BCM 55-FFA-5515 55-FUA-8020 65FME249B-T 65FLHYR249BHC FIN32BASEHD FIN48BASEBK FIN55SMART4K FIN55SMARTBK
    22HBD06U 32HE1510B 32HE1510-B 32HE1510W 32HE1510-W 32HYJ46U 40HBD06U 40HE1511B 40HE1511-B 40HE1511W 40HE1511-W 42HZC663D 42HZC66T3D 43HGT69U 49HGT69U 55HZT66U 24HE1510-W 32HB1S66I 43HB6T72U 49F501HG2W69 49HGW69H 55F501HG2W69 55HGW69H 65F501HZ2W69
    Telefunken:43UHD7008-1 48WF400A A40F446A A55F446A C55U320A4CW-3D C55U320N4CW-3D D32F286B4CW D32H286B3CW D32F287N4CW D32H286B4CW D39F265B3CW D39F275M3CW D40F282Y4CW D40F286B4CW D40F287M4CW D40U292X4C D43F286B3CW D43F279Q3CW D43F282Y4CW D43F287M3CW D48F287M4CW D49F279N3CW D49F286B4CW D49F287N4CW D49U297N4CW D49U400U4CW D55F287B3CW D55F287B4CW D55F287M4CW D55F287N3CW D55F287Y4CW D55F289N4CW D55U297N4CW D55U400Y4CW DOMUS40DVISMW L32F249U4CW L40F283A4CW L40U300A4CW L43U300N4CW L48U300A4CW-3D L48U300N4CW L48U500M4CWI L48U300Q4CW L55F249N3CW L55U300N4CW L55U300N4CWI L55U300Q4CW L65F249A3CW L65F249N3CW L65U249A4CW-3D L65U249N4CW L65U249Q4CW L65U253B4CW LF43FZ20 LF43WZ20 LU49FZ30 TFK32BC16 TFL24DVSAT12V16B TFL65FHD250BC/2 TFL494303UHD17 TFL554303UHD17 TFLE55FHDC6300B/2 TFLES65302FHDWF400B TFLU4317UHD31B TFLUC5516UHD300B TFS49UHD17B WF43-EA40 WF43-EA41 WF48-EA40 WF48-EA41 XF43B400 XF48B400 XF50A401 XF55A400 XF55B400 XH32A100D XH32A201D XH32A201D-W XH32A301 XH32A301-W XU40A401 XU49A401 XU49B401 XU55A441C XU65A441
    Note: If your model number is not listed above or your original remote is different from this remote, please email us to confirm suitability.