Replacement LG AN-MR650A Voice Smart TV Magic Remote Control

  • Details:
    Replace Remote Control Model: AN-MR650A.
    Brand: Generic.
    Condition: Brand new.
    No programming or setup required, easy and simple to operate.
    Perfect replacement for lost or broken remote control.
    30 days money back guarantee & 12 months warranty from manufacturing defects. Accept return and exchange in warranty period.
    This Remote Control fit for Below Knowing Models: (Not only these models):
     W7, G7, E7, C7, B7, B7A SJ9570, SJ9500, SJ8570, SJ857A, SJ8500, SJ850A, SJ8000, UJ7700, UJ6570, UJ657A, UJ6540, UJ6500 55SJ8000 75UJ6450 55UJ6580 OLED65B7A 70UJ6570 55UJ7700 65SJ8000 60SJ8000 65UJ6520 55SJ800T OLED55B7P 65SJ8500 OLED65B7P 75UJ6470 65SJ800T 75SJ857A 65UJ7700 43UJ6500 75SJ8570 70UJ657A 43UJ6560 49UJ6500 65UJ6580 OLED55B7A 49UJ6560 49UJ7700 OLED65C7P 55SJ8500 65SJ9500 OLED55C7P 55UJ6520 55UJ6540 60UJ6540 60UJ7700 65SJ850A 65UJ6540 70UJ6520 75UJ6520 75UJ657A 49SJ800V 43UJ654T 43UJ654V 49SJ800T 43UJ634V 49SJ800Y 49UJ654V 49UJ634V 49UJ654T 49UJ752T 55SJ850T 55SJ800A OLED77W7P OLED65W7P OLED77G7P OLED65G7P 55UJ634V 55UJ752T 60UJ654V 60SJ850T 60SJ8500UB 60SJ8500-UB 60UJ634V 60UJ6540-UB 60UJ654T 43UJ6500-UB 49SM8670PUA 49UJ6500-UB 49UJ7700-UA 49UJ6560-UF 55SJ8000UA 55SJ8000-UA 55SJ8500UB 55SJ8500-UB 55SM8670PUA 55UJ6520-UD 55UJ6540-UB 55UJ654T 55UJ654V 55UJ6580-UE 55UJ7700-UA 60SJ8500 55UJ7750-UB 60SJ8000UA 60SJ8000-UA 60SJ800A 60UJ7700-UA 65SJ8000UA 65SJ800A 65SJ8000-UA 65SJ800AUB 65SJ800A-UB 65SJ850T 65SJ8500UB 65SJ8500-UB 65SJ850A-UC 65SJ9500UA 65SJ850AUC 65UJ654T 65UJ634V 65SJ9500-UA 65SM8670PUA 65UJ6520-UD 65UJ6540-UB 65UJ654V 65UJ6580-UE 65UJ752T 65UJ7700-UA 65UJ7750-UB 70UJ6520-UA 70UJ657A-UC 70UJ6570-UB 72SJ8570 70UJ657T 74UJ6450 74UJ6450UD 74UJ6450-UD 75SJ8570-UB 75SJ8570UB 75SJ857AUC 75SJ857A-UC 75SJ955T 75UJ6450UD 75UJ6450-UD 75UJ6470UC 75UJ6470-UC 75UJ6520-UA 75UJ657A-UB 75UJ657T 80SJ957T 86SJ9570 86SJ9570UA 86SJ9570-UA 86SJ957T AKB75095307 OLED55B7AU OLED55B7A-U OLED55B7PU OLED55B7P-U OLED55B7T OLED55C7C OLED55C7PU OLED55C7P-U OLED55C7T OLED55E7P OLED55E7PU OLED55E7P-U OLED65B7 OLED65B7AU OLED65B7A-U OLED65B7AUA OLED65B7A-UA OLED65B7PU OLED65B7P-U OLED65B7T OLED65C7PU OLED65C7P-U OLED65C7T OLED65E7P OLED65E7PU OLED65E7P-U.
    Note: If your model number is not listed above or your original remote is different from this remote, please email us to confirm suitability.

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